About Me

A qualified architect, I have been in the design industry for over 20 years now and in order to maintain
sanity, I also paint watercolours with, naturally enough, an architectural leaning. The paintings are
of various subjects usually taken from subjects documented on my travels over the years. I have
a fascination for architectural composition most particularly in the vernacular but don’t discount
any scene that catches my eye while out and about. As with life, my watercolours are a learning
process with a desire that each new watercolour teaches me something new and different about the
medium. As well as painting from my own travels I have also taken photographs from people and
painted specific subjects relevant to their travels/lives/experiences.

Watercolour for me is a mixture of wilful anxiety ( ‘will I use too much water…!!!’) and natural
relaxation (‘…time is halted!’) and its this juxtaposition that I hope informs the painting process. I
love to see how others paint and indeed relish receiving comments and advice from more able and
competent painters.

If you wish to know more then please contact me at the address: adrian@adrianlambe.com